Swann Security announces the Bubble Bomber mini RC helicopter


bubble-bomberA global leader in security monitoring solutions, Swann Security, has just announced something that will border on the fun side of things. After all, isn’t there a saying that goes something like this, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”? To make sure that the security line might be fun despite an air of seriousness about it, Swann Security has unveiled their Bubble Bomber mini RC helicopter. The latest Bubble Bomber RC Helicopter will be able to offer security staff a fun and unique way to carry out “missions” of their own, where it will arrive complete with the most recent and cutting-edge features of a modern remote controlled helicopter. Apart from that, the Bubble Bomber would also be designed with Swann’s Easy-Fly Gyro technology so that it is a snap for new users without any experience to take to the skies in a jiffy.

Available over at Fry’s for $59.99 a pop, the Bubble Bomber has been named so simply because it will arrive complete with a bubble solution and an injector that will be able to squeeze the liquid into the helicopter’s undercarriage. The moment the Bubble Bomber takes to the skies, you can drop bubbles by pressing the Bubble Button on the 2.4GHz wireless remote control, and have loads of fun doing so. At least it does far more than just have folks gawk at the remote controlled helicopters for a few minutes before their batteries sizzle out.

The Bubble Bomber is operational from up to 1,000 feet away, where it will feature a couple of joysticks as well as trim control on the video game-styled remote so that you can have six-way multi-directional maneuverability, where among them include up, down, forward, backward, left, and right. There is also a “turbo” button that introduces an additional boost of speed as and when required during those high-intensity bubble-blasting missions.

Half a dozen AA batteries would power the remote control, while the helicopter runs on a rechargeable 3.7-volt Li-poly battery that delivers up to 7 minutes of continuous flight time.

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