Mighty Travel Mug makes sure its contents remain safe and sound within


mighty-travel-mugNot all mugs are created equal, as the £14.99 Mighty Travel Mug can definitely attest to as it arrives in a shade of charcoal or red, depending on whichever catches your fancy. With the Mighty Travel Mug, you can be sure that you never need to worry about spilling your drinks by accident, ever again – unless of course, you end up with a royal screw up by not closing the cap of the mug properly. The Mighty Travel Mug comes with a base that will be able to fit in happily with a regular car cup-holder, and with Smart Grip Technology thrown into the mix, you would be able to know just when you will be able to grip the mug, as well as letting you pick it up in a normal manner.

As long as the Mighty Travel Mug remains on any flat non-porous surface (such as your desk, of course), it will be able to firmly grip the area just like how a stubborn gecko does it. The mug is nigh impossible to tip over, making it impervious to accidental knocks as well as reckless arm movements. Not only that, you need not tug at it as though you want to pull out the sword from the magic stone to prove that you are worthy to be king whenever you want to drink, as all you need to do is pick it up normally and the Mighty Travel Mug would detach itself in a jiffy.

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