Ballerina Tree makes for an interesting decoration piece


ballerina-treeThe Christmas season is one that is supposedly full of joy, and of course, you would do well to make sure that the overall feeling of festivities all around are adhered to with the right kind of food and snacks served, in addition to getting the mood up with the correct decoration – in the house, as well as outside of it. For those who want something different from the usual shebang when it comes to sprucing up the home with the Yuletide spirit, how about getting the $299.95 Ballerina Tree?

The Ballerina Tree happens to be a rotating 6′ Christmas tree which has been specially modeled after the classic jewelry box ballerina. This brings the best of both worlds together, where it delivers a whimsical take on a traditional indoor tree. Sporting some rather lifelike PVC branches as well as twigs which have been reimagined as a ballerina dancer’s long limbs, you can be sure that some of your more curious friends might even want to run their fingers through it as their brain tells them that it is the real deal. As for the green PVC pine needles, those have been fashioned into a tutu. The dancer’s bodice and skirt will arrive in a festive red tinsel, while the whole pre-lit display would radiate with the elegant light of 200 white LEDs. The lights themselves have been rated for 10,000 hours, so you know for sure that the Ballerina Tree is going to last you for a good many years down the road.

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