Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable is a jumper cable for your phone


Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable
There comes a point in the day where you watch your phone battery dip into the red zone. It might give you the ‘10%’ warning, but it really means you only have minutes left. Of course, this is normally where we begin to panic, and frantically search around for a place to plug in our phone if we don’t have a backup battery.

While your friend with full battery life on their smartphone wants to help you, there’s not much they can really do. Well, unless they have a Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable. This retractable cable is exactly what it sounds like, and would likely be quite useful in a pinch.

This is a microUSB to microUSB cable that will act in the same way that jumper cables for a vehicle would. This is great if you’re both at a concert and one of you is running on low. You will get some juice out of the exchange, but there are a bit to many drawbacks for this in my opinion. You may get some more power for your phone, but then your friend will be running lower as the day drags on, putting both of you in an unfavorable condition. This is $15.45 that you could just put towards a backup battery that would give you one or two times the full charge without putting anyone out. Not to mention you could end up supplying someone else with emergency power rather than leeching off of your friends.

Available for purchase via Geekstuff4u

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jazz kohli Says: October 10, 2013 at 12:03 am

It’s really Nice Smartphone-to-Smartphone Charger Cable is a jumper cable and i want this product.. thanks for sharing..!!

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