Stradivarian Smartphone Speaker delivers superb audio quality without costing too much


stradivari-speakerThere are smartphone speakers, and then there are smartphone speakers which offer you plenty of bang for your buck. Hammacher has unveiled the $39.95 Stradivarian Smartphone Speaker which you can tell gets its namesake from the famous violin maker, which obviously would translate to having it something to do with sound. In fact, what makes the Stradivarian Smartphone Speaker so special is the fact that it has the ability to amplify a smartphone’s audio without having to rely on a wireless or wired connection.

All that the Stradivarian Smartphone Speaker needs would be physical contact, where a compatible smartphone would be placed face-up on the speaker sans any connection, wireless or otherwise. How does it work its wonder? Well, it will align a smartphone with the speaker’s patented induction “sweet spot” so that audio will be amplified via a pair of down-firing, 2-watt speakers. There will be a quartet of silicone foot pads which will offer stand-off from any playing surface in order to eliminate unwanted vibration from the speaker’s housing, so that sound can reflect off the playing surface in order to fill up an entire room. The Stradivarian Smartphone Speaker would be powered by a rechargeable, removable battery that delivers up to 10 hours of playback from a mere two-hour charge thanks to the included USB charging cable.

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