Acnodes announces 1920×1200 Short Depth monitor keyboard drawer


There are some computer accessories that one can live without, while for others, some of them can be considered as indispensable. It really depends on your point of view, and where the Arcnodes Short Depth monitor keyboard drawer is concerned, those who are constantly on the move might deem that to fall under the latter category. Also known as the KD9150N, it was specially built with heavy duty slide rails and a lightweight chassis, where it will also arrive equipped with a 17” flat panel LCD display which is capable of supporting a maximum resolution 1920 x 1200 (which is more than Full High Definition). Apart from that, it will also ship with a fully integrated 104-key keyboard as well as 2-button touchpad, allowing this 1U rack-mounted console drawer to be the ideal solution for markets which actually demand high end graphic capability with a minimal rack space.

Acnodes claims that their new console drawer will be able to offer easy operation regardless of the environment that it is in, whether it be land or sea, it will still be able to perform well. Just what kind of performance are we talking about? There is nothing quite like having a benchmark to figure things out, and the KD9150N will arrive with 210 nits of brightness at contrast ratios of 600:1, and all in 16.7million color glory.

Such hardware capabilities would allow one to view fine details in complex in high-density images, which would make it perfect for markets that require high end graphic capability. Apart from that, the KD9150N will also be able to accept either VGA or DVI input signals, while offering on-screen display so that users are able to adjust display characteristics while choosing from a plethora of viewing options.

Last but not least, the KD9150N will arrive with a 3-in-one, 6-foot cable which will easily hook up to any application, although there is also an option to use cables that are up to 15 feet in length.

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