Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp – Turn on your thinking lamp



There are always little things around the house that we keep meaning to get to, but push aside for another day. It can take us anywhere from days to months to get around to taking care of whatever it may be. More often than not, it’s also something that would better our lives, and we have all the tools to fix it, but the factor of motivation just isn’t there. However, once the task is done, you get a massive feeling of accomplishment that drives you to do more.

The same goes for decorating your living space. You keep meaning to add a touch of personality to your workspace, but never seem to get around to it. It’s quite astonishing what your mind can do when it doesn’t have the constant thrum of other things you should be doing (ok, that never really dies away, but a nice looking office is very peaceful to look at). If you do eventually decide to add a little something to the place where you do a lot of thinking, why not add in the Einstein’s Brain Desk Lamp from Frankenstein Labs?

Obviously you need to have a bit of a sense of humor to put down $100 for this, but it just might give you the atmosphere you need for your next big idea. Well, this might actually steer you towards something more along the lines of evil genius than Nobel Peace Prize winner, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? This glass and aluminum construction is about 19” tall and 10” in diameter, and comes with a real brain (not really)!

Available at ThinkGeek

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