Birksun 6 Watt Solar Backpack makes like a Superman


birksunIt is rather common knowledge by now that Kal-El, or rather, Superman as he is more commonly known, loves the sun. After all, he does get recharged by it to a certain extent. Well, you too, are able to harness the power of the sun with the $159.99 Birksun 6 Watt Solar Backpack, and you do not even need to be some sort of super being in the first place to do so, although it would be way too cool if you had that kind of superpowers that Clark Kent has. The Birksun 6 Watt Solar Backpack will be able to explain itself, so to speak, where it happens to be a backpack that comes equipped with a solar charging panel of its own. Not only that, this is a TSA-approved piece of luggage, so you need not worry about having your padlocks cut away when you arrive at your destination.

In addition, the Birksun 6 Watt Solar Backpack would do its part to make sure that whatever gadgets that you have (which will obviously need to be compatible with the right connectors) will be juiced up using the sun’s rays alone, so we would warrant a no-brainer of a guess that it works best during the summer months where sunlight is aplenty. The Birksun 6 Watt Solar Backpack will play nice with the iPhone 5 as well as some of its predecessors, in addition to majority of the Android-powered handsets out there. It is said that a single hour of sunlight is able to generate up to a 25% charge boost for most smartphones, and during those cloudy days, just use the included USB cable to charge up at home and you’re good to go.

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