Tauntaun 12″ Talking Plush looks cute


tauntaun-plushAre you a huge fan of Star Wars? It is a space opera that has full of intrigue, action, and some romance thrown into the mix as well. Most of the themes tend to be rather grown up in nature, but once in a while, it is nice to make things smaller – so that it looks cuter. Tauntauns tend to be cute in the first place if you like real life animals like camels and the yak, except that this is part of a science fiction setting. This $29.99 Tauntaun 12″ Talking Plush loves to be hugged, as when that happens, it will be able to make little bleats and gurgles.

Not only is it cute, it is also highly collectible, since it is made in limited quantities being a Star Wars Celebration Europe II (2013) exclusive. This makes it the ideal addition to for any serious Star Wars collector, where it boasts a tridactyl rear foot which sports a “Star Wars Celebration Europe” that is embroidered at the bottom. Once the pair of LR44 batteries die off, he will no longer bellow whenever you hug his neck. Well, what are you waiting for? Once they’re gone, they’re literally extinct unless you scour online auction and sales sites.

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