Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus set to let you “write” in style


jot-stylusMost of us own at least one single touchscreen device these days, be it the smartphone or the tablet. Needless to say, the thing that we use to “write” and “draw” stuff on our tablet or smartphone tends to be our own finger. After all, what is more natural or easy to do, right? Well, it seems that some folks who prefer to be more sophisticated in their own viewpoint have decided to fall on the use of a stylus. I remember the older school stylus that arrived with early generations of Palm devices, those were functional at best. Well, Evernote and Adonit has joined forces to deliver something that is far more modern – namely the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus. What makes the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus so special? For starters, it claims to be the “smallest stylus tip on the market” with a measurement of just 1.9mm.

The Jot Script will work with Adonit’s new Pixelpoint technology and Penultimate, Evernote’s award-winning handwriting application, so that handwritten notes are able to flow as freely as your thoughts without missing a beat. This particular stylus was specially designed by Adonit in order to feel like your favorite pen, where it features a refined metal finish, a ribbed grip, a fine point, and weighted hand balance which will reflect the quality which Adonit styluses are famous for.

Kris Perpich, CXO at Adonit, said, “Adonit developed Jot Script to be the ideal stylus for taking notes. We’ve stripped everything away so you can just focus on capturing your ideas. We partnered with Penultimate to focus on a deep integration of Jot Script into a great note taking experience. Our collaboration allowed us to step back and rethink the ideal digital note taking experience. It’s going to bring back the lost art of handwriting.”

The Jot Script will run on an AAA lithium battery, and it hooks up sans wires to Penultimate via Bluetooth 4.0. The asking price for the Jot Script Stylus Evernote Edition? $74.95 a pop.

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Andrew Says: November 3, 2013 at 1:30 pm

Unfortunately the Penultimate/Jot Script marriage was not made in heaven. Pen strokes may go unrecognized and the suggestion the you turn off multitasking gestures is ridiculous in gesture based environment. Evernote, clearly, has work to do

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