Freshforce Self-sharpening Pizza Wheel helps fend off hungry hordes


freshforceThe law of entropy is inescapable – you can make attempts to deny it all you want, but at the end of the day, cars break down, smartphones falter, mechanical items will need to be greased and serviced. Not only that, do you remember a certain proverb that goes like this, “a hungry man is an angry man”? If you have answered in the affirmative, then do take note that when it comes to finger food like pizza, there is nothing quite like tearing into a freshly baked pizza as your appetite goes into overdrive mode. Unfortunately, some of the potential “speed bumps” that you might encounter would include a blunt pizza cutter which will thoroughly spoil the entire experience.

Fret not, boys and girls, as the $17.99 Freshforce Self-sharpening Pizza Wheel is here to help you out. As its name suggests, this is one cutting tool that does not need any kind of manual sharpening on your part, it is self-sharpening which will allow it to deliver a clean cut, while sporting a guard as well as cover which will ensure your fingers remain safe and sound. Magic or some sort of ancient sorcery? Not really, it all boils down to a really clever design that gets the job done as the stainless steel blade will remain sharp as always.

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