Dead Heat Arcade Game – start collecting quarters from your family members


dead-heatHow many of you absolutely loved to spend your time at video game arcades when you were much younger, without stuff like rising household debt, a never ending mortgage to clear, not to mention daily expenses that seem to bite into your savings all the time that you miss the carefree moments of your youth? Here is a thought – ever thought of being a video game arcade proprietor? Perhaps you can start small (I am relatively speaking here of course) with the $8,999.99 Dead Heat arcade cabinet that can be laid right smack in the middle of your living room.

Dead Heat has been described to be one of “the most intense driving game you’ll ever experience.” It really depends on your preference, but anything to do with high speeds certainly gets my vote. To get started, pick a car, choose a city, and of course, rev your engines afterwards. Dead Heat carries a patented technology that will be smart enough to capture your driving style, letting you become a computer opponent in future races. This means when your mates are not around, you can also race against their virtual selves, so to speak. I am not quite sure how eight licensed, customizable cars and four actual cities will last long on the novelty scale, but you should start to recoup your investment by collecting quarters from family and friends who drop by.

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