Alienware Aurora ups the ante for gaming desktop machines


alienware-auroraxWhen it comes to a desktop gaming machine, you can easily tell just who are the hardcore ones compared to casual gamers, or to those who are not too particular about how high the resolution will go as long as they get to enjoy the flow of the game’s story. Alienware is an old hand at coming up with high powered gaming machines – be they desktops or notebooks, and this time around, they have decided to give their flagship gaming desktop, the Alienware Aurora, a hardware refresh so that it will remain sharp and stay ahead of the game as usual.

The Alienware Aurora will now be rejuvenated through the inclusion of the latest Intel Core i7 processors, where there will also be an option for an Extreme Edition chip, not to mention carry up to 6 cores, 15MB of cache, as well as the ability to overclock speeds up to 4.3GHz using Turbo Boost technology. These are new options which will be part of Intel’s new IvyBridge-E 4000-series family of processors. Not only that, on the graphical front, the Alienware Aurora will not be found wanting at all with the latest NVIDIA GeForce 700-series graphics and AMD 8900-series graphics options. These are components which will literally blow your eyes away, sporting support for immersive experiences, whether multi-display, 3D or higher resolutions beyond 1080p gaming.

As for the future, fret not – you are well covered since it offers support for quad-channel DDR3 memory; not to mention the ability to further increase the overall speed of the system through the installation of additional hard drives or solid state drives thanks to the 4 internal drive bays within. Of course, if you feel that you have additional money to burn, there is the innovative ALX chassis that features an intelligent thermal management system which will monitor key locations within the chassis to make sure that heat is dissipated optimally. There are active vents located at the top of the chassis which will open up to deliver additional heat dissipation as and when required.

Of course, such class is not going to come cheap, with the starting price quoted at S$3,199 a pop.

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