iOauto Pro is a custom made car mount for your gadgets


Driving down the road with your GPS or smartphone perched precariously on the dashboard of your vehicle is always a tad dangerous. There are unknown factors lurking around every turn that can send it flying. Swerving to miss a careless driver, animals, debris, starting to drift off to sleep are just a few examples. Any of which could make your knee-jerk reaction of trying to catch it a major health hazard. Even when you’re using a mount that is weighted, has suction cups, a clip, or any other method that ‘guarantees’ it will stay doesn’t normally fit all situations.

On those days of strange weather which makes things too dry, humid, cold, hot, or otherwise, all of the previously listed mounts find a way to let fly your gizmo. The iOauto is hoping to stand above the rest, as it doesn’t rely on a possibly-faulty method of adhesion. This uses custom-made car clips that will allow you to fasten the vehicle mount to your car without the use of glue, drilling, or suctions cups. It is make, model, and year specific, so there’s no chance of it coming undone.

To mount your device, you’ll be using a razor-thin steel iOadapt that attaches to the back. It’s a simple magnet, but it should keep everything in place until you decide to move it. Simply toss it on when you’re ready to take off, and give it a tug when you leave your vehicle. The clip for my type of vehicle in addition to the iOauto/Pro is $70-80 (price may vary depending on your type of vehicle). There are many cheaper options out there, but as a person who has been through all different types of car mounts, this seems to be the most stable option I’ve come across.

Available for purchase at Proclip USA

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SOV Says: September 24, 2013 at 12:17 pm

Yeah but where do you buy the razor thin thing that goes on the back of your phone? Their mobile website doesn’t list it or show it.

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