Scanimation Lamp ensures your favorite animal ‘comes to life’


scanimationHave you taken a good look at kids lately, before you gaze into the mirror and wonder where did all your sense of curiosity went as you grew up. Kids tend to see everything in the world as new and exciting, and when you give them a simple cardboard box, they are more than capable of turning that into a race car, a castle, or even a spaceship with their imagination. Well, here is something that harks back to your childhood days, the $39.99 Scanimation Lamp that might just end up in your room because you covet it for yourself instead.

It is time to bring the wild animals inside your home, without any of the danger. The Scanimation Lamp would feature nine different creatures to choose from, where half a dozen colored, lighted slots will be able to breathe ‘life’ into your chosen favorites. It is nice to know that the Scanimation Lamp already comes with an AC adapter, so there is no need for you to worry about batteries and stuff of a similar nature. The nine animals you can pick from include the horse, turtle, dolphin, panther, penguin, dog, butterfly, hummingbird, and monkey.

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