New Trent PowerPak Xtreme delivers enough juice when it matters


New-Trent-PowerPak-XtremeIn this day and age, it is extremely rare to chance upon someone who does not have a plethora of gizmos and gadgets in his or her possession. Rather, just go for a walk outside for a while as you take a break from whatever you are doing, and you will notice that most folks have their eyes glued on a particular mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or in the future, a smartwatch even. These tools do help us in our lives, but sometimes, they tend to run out of battery power at the most inopportune of times, which clearly stinks especially when you need to send out that email or read a particular webpage. Not all smartphones and tablets come with an extended battery pack, but this is the precise reason for the existence of the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme.

To sweeten the deal just in case you are in two minds over whether to pick up the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme or not, you would be pleased to hear that this bad boy will now come with a drop proof and water resistant design, making it ideal for outdoor seekers as well as travel enthusiasts who want to make sure that their USB-based devices will remain powered up at any time, regardless of where they are. The New Trent PowerPak Xtreme will carry a massive 12,000mAh battery underneath the hood, where it also comes with dual USB ports that are able to do their part to juice up a couple of two mobile devices at the same time in an efficient manner.

I suppose those who tend to spend plenty of time in outdoor activities might see the importance of the PowerPak Xtreme a whole lot more than folks who live in the city, as it provides you with the freedom to explore the great outdoors or new cities without having to remain tethered to a wall outlet. This means the PowerPak Xtreme is good to go when it comes to other vigorous and adventurous outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and biking among others. The asking price for the New Trent PowerPak Xtreme stands at $59.95 a pop.

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Nan Says: November 5, 2013 at 11:04 am

Just got New Trent Airbender for IPad Mini. It is rugged .. I dropped and cracked Ipad2 twice and had it fixed. I feel really secure with the rugged Mini case so have ordered one if there older models for the Ipad2 because although (miraculously) the guts weren’t damaged the frame was… As is without protection it could break just in briefcase. If that Power Pack was compatible with iPhone ths order would gave already went through. Great products, prices and service!

A huckaby Says: November 6, 2013 at 10:34 am

Love the trent keyboard for the Ipad2. It makes it very handy for working with students

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