O2 delivers ‘Bags That Talk’


bagsthattalkI have learned throughout the years that there are just some things which you do not argue with your other half, and that includes subjects close to her heart. For some ladies, handbags and shoes are to them like how a new set of golf clubs are to guys, but do bear in mind that this is just a general statement and does not hold true for everyone. O2 has an exciting project that they have done with designer Sean Miles, where the latter has added to his collection of vintage fashion accessories that are made from recycled mobile phones. This new series of handbags is aptly called ‘Bags That Talk’.

The whole idea behind this particular Bags That Talk idea is to explore the very real possibilities of gadget recycling. The approach that Bags That Talk has taken would be to combine iconic designer handbags where among them include a vintage Celine box handbag, a Chloe shoulder bag and an Alexander McQueen clutch bag, alongside old and unwanted Nokia and LG handsets which were sent in by O2 Recycle customers who had moved on to newer, brighter and shinier objects.

Does this mean that the men who are fashion conscious are left out of the picture? Not really, as there is also a luxury Mulberry messenger bag which has been given a somewhat similar treatment, having been turned into a retro ghetto blaster-cum-mobile phone. This unique creation is more than ready to begin blasting out the choices on your playlists at the touch of a button, in addition to providing you with the freedom to carry out conversations on the move thanks to the integrated handset and earphone socket.

It would be safe to say that these handsets have been upcycled in a way, and they have definitely gained a new lease of life. No idea if such handbags would be worth more with an integrated handset or not though.

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