Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer makes your life less stressful


pavlovian-pottyAnyone who has had a puppy before, or are currently going through the training phases of a puppy would definitely be able to tell you how stressful it can get at times, especially when you want to potty train it. Take it from me though, as a proud owner of two (adorable) furkids, spending that single month alone to potty train them is well worth the effort and time, since such solid training would last them for their entire lifetime! Once they know where to do their business, never again would then poop or pee in their playpen or cage or elsewhere at home, unless they happen to fall ill or you have not let them out to do their business beyond what they can stand. How about a tool to make life easier? The $99.95 Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer would come in handy in this case.

The Pavlovian Puppy Potty Trainer happens to be a puppy pad which is capable of recognizing just when a pet has relieved itself properly, where it will then use positive reinforcement by dispensing a reward in order to encourage good habits, never mind that the owner him/herself is unable to be physically present to provide praise. This unique device boasts of internal sensors in the mat that will detect moisture and send a wireless signal to the treat dispenser, which you will obviously need to ensure remains stocked with a dog’s favorite kibble. Not only that, each purchase comes with a handheld remote that has a 25′ range so that you can conduct training exercises and establish good habits from a distance.

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