Limited Edition Kisai Zone Wood Watch is organically modern



Our society is of the ‘buy, toss, upgrade’ mentality. There was a time when every possession was valued and cared for so it would last generations. Now if anything doesn’t break from five years of use, we’re decently impressed. The only items that we do treat with any esteem are those that are rather costly, such as jewelry and watches. Of course, you don’t go out buying these things everyday, so the items you choose should be something you like and will want to keep in mint condition, as they’re likely not going to end up in the rubbish bin.

TokyoFlash makes some really astounding watches that are more artistic pieces than just another way to check the time. They always require a little work to read, but that only makes them more interesting. If you’re looking for a fancy new time piece that is worth keeping in good condition, the Limited Edition Kisai Zone is definitely a valid option. There are three different types of wood for the case and strap that have their own color for the LCD screen.

There is a maple with a blue LCD, red sandalwood with purple, and a dark sandalwood with black. The time is shown in hexagons, showing the hour on the top, the minutes in the middle, and the seconds at the bottom. Even fractions of a second are displayed thanks to an animated hexagon in the bottom right of the face of the watch. This currently costs $99, but as that is the launch price, you can expect that those numbers will go up in the coming days. The wood is coated with a clear protective seal, the LCD display is backlit for nighttime, and it runs on a normal, replaceable watch battery that you’ll only need to change out once a year. It is always on, and has adjustable settings for the animations.

The Kisai Zone Wood LCD Watch is available at Tokyoflash

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HiHat Says: September 5, 2013 at 7:46 am

Ugly display on face — FAIL! Also long-lasting organic wood design should use automatic movement — more ecologically astute than replaceable watch batteries…

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