Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car reminds you of the Transformers


transforming-robot-carDon’t you love the dear little children who, armed with nothing but their imagination, are able to make up something from nothing and play with it? The idea of a transforming robot is definitely an interesting idea, where it can shift its shape from a vehicle to that of a humanoid form factor – and this effect has been brought alive via The Transformers cartoon, followed by the full length movies from Michael Bay that raked in plenty of money for the franchise. How about something that is inspired by the Transformers, and that would be the $69.95 Remote Controlled Transforming Robot Car?

Sure, it lacks a formal name that makes it easier to call or refer to, but at least you do not have to fork out a bomb for it. This remote-controlled sports car of unknown make (obviously Chevrolet did not have a say in the design) is capable of transforming into a robot which will impress its audience even further as it launches suction cup darts from a rotary cannon. At a single touch of a button, the hood and front tires will elevate 10″ off of the ground, which further exposes the cannon that has been integrated into the undercarriage. You can opt to fire up to 5 suction cup darts in rapid succession, in addition to turning the robot back into its automotive form, while racing the car forward and backward, execute hairpin turns, and perform 360º spins. The remote control itself comes with a trio of different channels, so that you can have up to three cars to engage in battle. It is highly advisable to prepare a bunch of rechargeable batteries at home since this bad boy consumes 8 AA batteries to get going.

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