Wall Outlet Bluetooth Speaker delivers audio sans the mess


wall-outlet-bt-speakerThere are still some folks out there who believe that audio does not sound good at all, unless it is of the wired variety. I am quite sure that unless you are a hardcore audiophile, and your ear is extremely sensitive, you would not be able to tell the subtle nuances and differences in an audio feed, especially in this day and age where plenty of advancements have been made in the wireless audio segment. Well, if you are looking for a wireless audio solution in your home, you might be interested to check out the $129.95 Wall Outlet Bluetooth Speaker.

The Wall Outlet Bluetooth Speaker happens to be one unique device in the sense where it will plug in flush with a wall outlet, ensuring that it never runs out of juice as long as there are no blackouts or that you have kept up with your monthly bill payment, where it will deliver unobtrusive music listening. A couple of prongs located in the back of the speaker plug will ensure that it fits snugly into an outlet, doing away with the need for pesky cables that tend to have a life of their own whenever you want to enjoy music sans wires. It has an audio streaming range of 25 feet, and sports a trio of 1.5- watt speakers as well as a built-in USB port so that you can juice up your smartphones or tablets whenever the speaker is plugged in. Talk about multi-purpose!

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