Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick lets you pound your opposition with ease


razer-atrox-ssfIf there was one award that the Razer Atrox Super Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick will pick up in the world of gaming peripherals, and I happen to be on the judging panel, I would have gladly let it win the “Longest Gaming Peripheral Name” award. Seriously, let us just call it the Razer Atrox for convenience’s sake in this story, referring to the full name of the joystick each time we do so. Working alongside Capcom, the Razer Atrox is one peripheral that caters for folks who happen to own the Xbox 360. It would definitely be a welcome addition to the gaming peripheral arsenal of those who are fans of the most iconic fighting game franchise in history, where the Razer Atrox will now come with a specially made faceplate which depict the most revered characters of the game.

I am quite sure that when you have the Razer Atrox in your possession, you would be able to eke out an additional level of gaming performance, unless you have already maxed out your skill level and would not be able to blame the hardware for your poor performances on the gaming circuit. Let us dive into what the Razer Atrox offers – it will feature premium quality Sanwa components, accompanied by 10 highly responsive buttons and a precision eight-way joystick so that you can dish out those damaging combos and strikes, game after game, in a reliable manner without having to sacrifice your performance level. Specially created to make it easy for modding purposes, the innards of the Razer Atrox platform will open up at the touch of a button, so that fans will have the power of customization for all tastes and play styles.

The Razer Atrox Street Fighter IV AE Collector’s Edition Arcade Stick for Xbox 360 will retail for $199.99 a pop, and it should arrive later this month for those who are interested.

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