Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler keeps critters out of your yard



When I was a kid, I remember that my mom loved her flower beds. However, deer and other animals seemed to like them even more. She would always be so disheartened when she would go out and find that one of these animals had made a snack out of the plants she’d worked so hard to maintain. Nothing she did seemed to ever keep them away. But maybe she needed something a little more high tech to scare them off.

The Orbit Motion Activated Sprinkler is basically a sentry for your yard. It stands tall and proud, waiting for the first sign of an intruder. When it sees one, it swivels around and shoots them…with water, of course. This device has a 120-degree motion sensor that will detect any animal that comes across its path. Then, it will spray out a stream of water, for as long as you like. And when it’s not tracking down critters, it can also function as an ordinary sprinkler, to water your plants.

The setup for this is pretty simple. Just figure out where the animals would most likely be entering your yard, and position the sprinkler so that area will be at the edge of its sight. Now all you need to do is stick it in the ground, hook up the hose, and pop in the four AA batteries. You can also adjust the duration of the spray, and range. You’ll also be able to setup a regular water cycle, if you want to use it as a regular sprinkler. It also has 2 controlled, and 1 pass-through expansion outlets, if you want to set up a host of sentries in your yard. You can pick up your own for around $79.

Source: RedFerret

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