Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper


powered-nail-clipperClipping your nails isn’t exactly the most physically demanding task in the whole world, but then again, if there is an easier way to go around it, why not, eh? Case in point, the $39.95 Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper that comes across as an easy-to-use, battery-operated nail clipper, which is perfect for those who happen to have limited manual dexterity. Measuring 0.5” in length and 1/16″ wide, its alloy bit would be able to spin at 500rpm, which would then allow its precisely beveled blades to trim your nails safely and gently, whenever you nudge your fingernail against the bit.

You can do all this without having to squeeze your fingers, bend your wrist, or perhaps even to run the risk of cutting the cuticle. It fits into your hand in an extremely comfortable manner thanks to an ergonomic grip, where the trimmer’s easy push-button control would enable you to enjoy brief trims with each press. Should you want to enjoy some constant trimming instead, all you need to do is push the button forward into its locked position, and you’re good to go. The Easy To Use Powered Nail Clipper will be powered by a couple of AA batteries, and its head can be removed for easy cleaning with the included brush.

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