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I recently told you guys about iTrail, a nifty little electronic that lets you know what your kids, (or pets) are up to. I feel pretty prepared to keep tabs on them. What I have not mastered is the ability to keep track of my keys, phone and wallet! If I had a dollar for every time I had to yell to my family “has anyone seen my….?” I’d be a very rich woman indeed.

Well, here comes an iOS gizmo named Tile to my rescue, a very small electronic tag with a self contained speaker that will easily let you hear it when you are in proximity. (So no more trying to locate your phone by calling it, only to find that the battery is dead.) The associated Tile app, saves the last place your items were, and you can even watch yourself get closer or further away during your hunt, helping you to easily zero in on your target.

Set up is simple, you just grab your Tile out of the box, and press the “e”, then go to the Tile app and add the Tile by holding it up to your iPhone. Tiles can be hung from an item, like a keychain,  it can be dropped into a purse or wallet, or it can be stuck to things like a phone or laptop. You can use up to 10 Tiles on any account, and you can access the account from other phones (I wondered about how it would work if I lost the phone that I use to view the tracking info) the range is only about 150 feet, but The interesting concept of this tracking device is that the signal can be picked up by anyones nearby Tile, so the range could become limitless, assuming enough people get on board.

The Tiles are pretty expensive and they only last about a year, but the developers vow to make replacements less expensive as time goes on, and lets face it I really only need 3. Hey! Has anyone seen my wallet? Pre-order now for under 20 bucks at thetileapp.com

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Warren Jones Says: August 16, 2013 at 1:21 pm

I have a collection of things like this, but none of them are small enough to satisfy me. How big is this little gadget? What are its dimensions and its weight?

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