KEEO ensures your keys will never get lost again


keeoWhile some of us are extremely meticulous with our belongings, which means we have never lost anything in our lives before – even down to the smallest detail, including keys and wayward buttons that are being transported to the tailor so that it can be reunited with whichever blouse or shirt that it was detached from. Well, not everyone is like that – and I am quite sure that you have experienced moments before that involved walking to the car only to realize that your car keys are back home, requiring you to make that trek back just to look for a particular bunch of keys. KEEO intends to ensure that something like this will never happen again, as it will rely on Bluetooth connectivity in tandem with a smartphone app so that your small items will always be located easily. The KEEO is 100% made in Germany, a country that is synonymous with superb precision engineering, so hopefully the KEEO will be able to live up to such a reputation.

Right now, the KEEO has yet to enter production because it is in the process of collecting enough funds from the masses, and should this crowdfunding project actually manage to achieve its financial target, then do expect the KEEO to begin shipping from January next year onwards. Just a little bit of background information, the KEEO’s crowdfunding campaign kicked off on July 23rd last month, and the moment it hits 1,500 orders, production will commence.

I guess when you have the integrated Bluetooth chip around, it is more or less impossible to lose your KEEO device, simply because the KEEO and your smartphone will alert you whenever the two are separated. Hmmm, I guess these would be devices that are meant to be together for life, just like any sweet marriage. Not only that, a Plug ‘N’ Screw system would make it a snap to hook up your keys to KEEO without the need for any modification, while the One Button Control would let the correct key pop out with a single push of the button.

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Ed Says: August 15, 2013 at 12:04 pm

Link at end of article is dead…

Al Says: August 16, 2013 at 4:49 am

Thanks Ed, fixed now.

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