Analog Clocktail Table


clocktailSo you happen to be living out the American dream, where you have got this cushy job, a beautiful wife and a couple of kids, a SUV to bring the family around as well as a 2-door coupe so that your date nights with the missus is a sizzling one in town. Since you do a whole lot of entertainment and socializing in your own pad, dressing it up to the nines is essential. Knowing that you always love to be in the center of attention, how about ensuring your guests will always be reminded of the current time as to whether they are late or early, in addition to the very real possibility that you are dropping a hint for them to go home after overstaying their welcome by bringing them to the $599.95 Analog Clocktail Table to have a chat over a cup of coffee?

The Analog Clocktail Table happens to be a cocktail table that boasts of a 36″-diameter analog clock located right beneath the top, providing a convenient timekeeping reminder. It will be finished in burnished umber and flecked with gold streaks, with a frame that is made from powder-coated steel which will rest on the floor, sporting a quartet of inward-scrolling legs that have been tipped with unseen rubber feet. The frame itself will be able to support the 0.5″ thick beveled, annealed glass tabletop with silicon offsets so that no scratches will happen. The clock itself relies on an accurate quartz movement so that its timekeeping is impeccable without an irritating ticking sound, all running on a solitary AA battery.

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