LEGO Joker Minifigure Clock


joker-clockOne of the most devious enemies in the DC Comics universe, or even in the history of comics, would be the Joker. A simple premise, really, an ordinary person who has gone insane, and loves death and destruction for the sake of it without any reason, only to be stopped by the Batman time and again, is someone whom we can identify with. After all, you can never quite tell just when you are going to snap, are you? Hence, instead of living without any direction in life, you might want to have a constant reminder each morning for you to maintain your sanity, and you can do so with the $29.99 LEGO Joker Minifigure Clock.

Being an officially licensed DC Comics collectible, the $29.99 LEGO Joker Minifigure Clock will come in the classic Joker look, although this time around, he will not pull any kind of deadly pranks on you, but rather, there is a large and friendly digital clock which is located right in the minifig’s stomach so that you can not only keep to the time each morning, but also acts as an alarm for other moments in your live. The arms and legs can be posed, allowing the minifig to sit or stand, all 8” of it.

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