Air conditioned dog house


ac-doghouseSome of us call our four legged friends “furkids”, and treat them as though they are more than a pet, being members of the same family and all. Now, this is definitely not wrong at all, but it does go a bit overboard when you hear of pet owners taking their dogs to restaurants and ordering gourmet meals, while they are also treated to a spa afterwards – just like a human. Wait a minute, more than a human actually – how many of us can actually afford to go for weekly spa treatments as we slog away in the rat race? For those of us who happen to live in countries or areas that would see the mercury level rise by significant levels during the summer or heat wave, you would know that your dog runs the risk of suffering from heat stroke. Well, why not get them an air conditioned dog house? This is what MRT Corp. of Japan has developed, allowing your furkid to relax in the coolness of an air conditioned dog house despite the sweltering heat outside.

This unique dog house will rely on Peltier elements to deliver both cooling as well as warming functions. MRT Corp. has placed an aluminum (Al) plate, which boasts of a high thermal conductivity, right on the floor of the house, where it is connected to Peltier elements on the plate. It is said that within the dog house during the time of cooling, the temperature of the floor will be approximately 10-15°C lower than the room temperature. At the time of warming, it will be 15-20°C higher than the room temperature, making it the ideal dog house to own in countries that go through a hot summer and a bitterly cold winter.

It would definitely be cheaper than turning on your house’s air conditioner, since in Japan, the electricity cost of the dog house is approximately $0.015 per hour, with a product life of at least 18,000. The air conditioned dog house would cost around $507 after conversion.


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