Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures


doom-arachnidRemote controlled toys have definitely become a whole lot more complicated than ever before, thanks to the massive advancements made in the world of electronics and sensors. I remember back in the day when I was still a little kid running around with some snot oozing down my nostril, there was this robot that could move its hands vertically, while it moved in one direction on a flat surface until it hit an obstacle, where the revolving base will then change direction. Well, fast forward to the second decade of the 21st century, and we have gems such as the $79.99 Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures.

The Doom Razor Attacknid R/C Combat Creatures allows you to scuttle into battle on your six legs, where it boasts of an extremely maneuverable body. Boasting a Bolt n’ Battle weapons system which will include a dissector disc attachment as well as 20 discs, all you need to do is clip on your red and black combat armor and scuttle into battle. The half dozen legs of yours with a 360 degree rotating head would let you wreak havoc, just make sure that your Battle Brain does not get hit 3 times, otherwise it is curtains for your Attacknid. Half a dozen AA batteries is required to run the entire shebang, so rechargeables would be highly recommended.

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