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I can’t tell you how many times my family turns to me in order to fix their computer woes. It’s not that I’m a computer expert, it’s just that I know slightly more than any of them, so it looks like I’m a genius. I’m usually only successful about 50% of the time… after which I then quickly become the go-to girl for which replacement computer to buy. It sure would be nice to have a few tricks up my sleeve, or better yet, bestow upon them the ability to fix a few things themselves.

Check out the Jumpshot USB Drive, a truly plug and play option for you, or your computer-challanged friends and relatives. The Jumpstart USB Drive is simply inserted into an available USB port on the ailing PC and will instantly begin removing viruses, malware, spyware, trojans, and most of the other garbage that mucks up your precious PC, while you were failing to practice “safe-surfing” . While Jumpshot works its magic, a web browser pops up, entertaining the user while Jumpshot is working to de-clutter, disinfect and improve the performance of the machine. Seriously? I think I’m in love.

This adorable little USB packs a lot of features, including the ability to tweak your settings to improve performance, examine your hardware in order to detect failures, meter your internet speed and detect insecure WiFi connections. The Jumpshot USB can also help keep your online proclivities private and keep you informed of critical events. So get one and become the computer wizard your friends and family think you are, or buy several as gifts, and get them all to leave you the hell alone. Your choice, for under 30 bucks at thinkgeek.com


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