Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan


Are you thinking along the lines that the Star Wars franchise can never be milked completely dry? After all, what is that saying, a fool is born every minute? The space opera that wowed little kids and adults alike back in 1977 has had its fair share of brickbats in the past (anyone remember The Phantom Menace?), but one thing’s for sure – the Star Wars film collection is set to expand even further after Disney bought over Lucasfilm, and we do know that Star Wars Episode VII is on its way to the silver screen, and hopefully they will not botch this. Since you are a huge fan of all things Star Wars, how about enhancing your home with some Star Wars swag? I am referring to this $129.99 Star Wars R2-D2 Trashcan.

Now most folks would baulk at the idea of forking out that kind of good money for, of all things, a trashcan. Hey, this is no ordinary trash can, since it is an officially licensed Lucasfilm collectible, and it comes in a size which most offices would be more than comfortable with. All you need to do is step on R2-D2’s foot, and his head will flip open to receive whatever trash that you are going to dispose of. Imported from Japan, it is an incredibly detailed replica of R2-D2, but too bad it is unable to emit any beeping sounds for that added bit of realism. This is definitely the trash can you’ve been looking for…

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