Props Repel Case ensures your iPad remains bone dry


Digital Treasures, now that is a name that some of us might associate it to have something to do with a pirate game or the ilk, but far from it – Digital Treasures has just announced the Props Repel Case for your iPad (it will play nice with the second generation iPad all the way to the latest model of Apple’s top selling tablet). Let’s face the new reality, carrying around a full fledged notebook is not going the trendiest way to do your work whenever you are outside, especially when such notebooks are heavy, and an Ultrabook, well, it ain’t that chic, either. What you want is something that is a snap to hold, and it can be tucked away easily,not to mention having the same kind of convenience in taking it out to use it in a jiffy. The iPad fits that category perfectly, and throw in a relatively long battery life, and you have quite the winner here. Thing is, what if you live a rough, outdoor lifestyle that might put your iPad at risk of drowning? This is where the Props Repel Case comes in handy.

The Props Repel Case should be a compulsory item to carry around in your beach bag or travel suitcase, as I am quite sure that frequent travelers among our dear readers out there can regale us with tales of their iPads having a close shave with ending up in a watery grave. After all, since prevention is always the better option compared to cure, you should want to ensure that your iPad remains free from the risk of sleeping with the fishes anytime soon.

The Props Repel Case has passed through a bunch of rigorous tests that have proven that water is unable to find a way through this particular accessory, unless of course, you happen to have a power drill somewhere that intends to see some action. Being IPX8 certified, that would mean it is capable of remaining submerged in depths of up to 33 feet in layman’s terms without your iPad ending up as a wet paperweight. The Props Repel Case will arrive in only one color – black, for $49.95 a pop.

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