Panasonic announces SC-NT10 portable wireless speaker


When it comes to portable wireless speakers, these are dime a dozen, and with so many models in the market to choose from, which is the main factor that helps you decide? Some folks look at features, others take price into consideration at the top of their list, while there is still yet another group who refers to the brand name before they pry open their wallets. If Panasonic is your cup of tea, then you would do well to check out their latest release, which happens to be the SC-NT10 portable wireless speaker system.

The Panasonic SC-NT10 is, of course, one portable wireless speaker system that offers a whole lot more than one would expect from its looks. This portable wireless speaker system comes with Bluetooth connectivity to hook up with other devices that also “talk” via Bluetooth, and not only that, it has Quad Proof “tough” performance, making it the ideal speaker system for outdoor use, with its innards crammed into a compact size, allowing it to be one extremely portable speaker system. I guess you can more or less call this the modern day boombox of sorts, albeit it is a whole lot more portable, shuns them pesky cables that seem to get all tangled up after a while, and certainly it does not need any “D” batteries to run.

The quartet of “tough” performance traits that the Panasonic SC-NT10 is all about allows it to be used in just about any outdoor setting. The device itself is said to be splash-proof, which means you are able to use it near water areas such as the pool or beach, and since it is also dust-proof, it is well suited for areas such as sandy beaches. Being shock-proof would mean it has already passed drop tests from a maximum of 30”, and being heat/freeze-proof, the device can withstand severe climates. Running on a rechargeable battery that can run for up to 8 hours non-stop, you can also use the SC-NT10 to juice up your smartphone or tablet via USB, now how about that? The Panasonic SC-NT10 Portable Wireless Speaker will arrive in Black and Blue/Black this fall, where it will retail for $99.99 a pop.

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