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My daughter loves building things, it started with those little alphabet blocks, moved on to Legos, and has continued into the virtual world with her all out addiction to Minecraft. Of all the stuff she wastes time with, I find I really don’t mind these kinds of activities, heck.. maybe she’ll become an architect someday.

So whats new in building sets these days? Check out Laser Pegs, an interesting cross between Hasbro’s Lite Brite and Legos. Laser Pegs allow your kids to snap together all kinds of interesting models, that light up with vibrant LED lighting. The idea behind these nifty Laser Pegs is that by having the components made of clear plastic, you can see both the colored LED’s inside, as well as the wiring and little boards and resistors, this not only lights up everything you build, but gives your creations a cool, futuristic look.

There is a free associated app with Laser Pegs, that allows you to look up manuals, or even create, and share instructions on how to duplicate your original designs with other kids, and each set usually makes quite a few different things, in fact the Indy Car pictured above comes with instructions for 60 different projects.

So if you have a kid thats into building, and isn’t quite ready to break out the carpentry tools, Laser Pegs might be a fun alternative to other building sets we’ve had available for eons. Sets range in price from around 25 bucks to 60, and they have an a la carte shopping option on the Laser Pegs website for when you need a very specific  piece, for a special original build out.  Laser Peg sets are available at

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Jesse Says: December 12, 2013 at 11:58 am

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to reach out and let you know about a deal we’re offering on the Laser Pegs 57-in-1 Dragon Building Set. It’s available on our website ( for only $39.99 and also on Amazon for a small upcharge. The closest competitor is over $60 more expensive.

I’m not trying to be spammy, I just know that a lot of people are trying to save money this holiday season and you can’t beat this price.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!


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