Potty Monkey – Toilet Training Buddy for Kids



Its been a while since I potty trained my daughter, and from what I can recall it was a rather simple one day event. We told her that big girls go in the potty and that if she wasn’t a big girl and mommy couldn’t teach her to use the toilet, then the “potty patrol” would come to the house and bring her to potty school. Done and done. She used the potty from then on, and before you write letters… we have in fact saved enough money both for college AND the 1000 hours of therapy she will probably need from the whole potty patrol thing.

Think of the savings however, if only we had the Potty Monkey. Forget boring books, dad’s car magazines or newspapers, the Potty Monkey was designed by a pediatric urologist and promises to be a very successful toilet training option. Potty Monkey is comprised of an adorable plush monkey that will talk and educate your child every time he is placed on his tiny flushing toilet and he has a 30 and 90 minute timer to remind your child that it might just be time to GO.

So while I can say with conviction that the “potty patrol” scenario definitely works, the Potty Monkey may just be your better option. The kit comes with 2 books, one for parents to learn all about the mechanics of potty training, and the other, a board book, is all about Potty Monkey and his potty chair and cool new underpants. Potty Monkey is available at Amazon.com for under 30 bucks, which is much, much cheaper than therapy, dont you think?

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