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So you happen to be a smartphone user for the past few years already, and have more or less gotten bored of the device, so much so that you are thinking about the possibilities of a new kind of smartphone accessory which would make you a starry-eyed kid once again, with wonder written all over your face. Perhaps there might be something out there in the ever evolving consumer market, and the $149.99 Romo the smartphone robot could very well fit your desires to a ‘T’.

Romo might even end up being your new best friend if you are a social outcast, as Romo will learn and grow up with you the more time you spend with it and interact alongside. Basically, I guess you could call this the geek’s Furby, as the more you make use of him, the faster and more he will be able to learn. Sure, he looks cute as heck – at least getting near Wall-E levels, and is controllable via any Wi-Fi enabled computer or iOS device. The Romo the smartphone robot might be the perfect fodder to help you break down walls if you are not too good with kids, and it also brings your standard video chat sessions to a totally new level.

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Jordan Says: July 5, 2013 at 10:21 am

What a cool gadget! I wonder if it delivers targeted info based on what you visit and like. It does remind me of a variation of Furby for big kids!

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