Hoodie Pillow Case


Yo! If you are into street and hip hop culture, perhaps getting the right hoodie, too, would add to your overall street cred. After all, wearing a hoodie automatically makes you look meaner, never mind that it does a pretty great job at keeping the bitter, cold winds at bay. Well, for those of us who still want to maintain that street cred back in our respective homes, how about this cool looking £24.99 Hoodie Pillow?

Yes sir, the Hoodie Pillow will remix the entire bedroom experience, and you have a bevy of colors to choose from – black, blue, gray and red. You know that spouse of yours who simply loves to stay up as late as possible while knowing you always need to rise up and early the next morning, and hence, leave the lights on while making it difficult for you to grab some shuteye? This is where the Hoodie Pillow comes in handy. Not only does it ensure your pillow remains free from drool, it also wraps around your head, while there are also internal pockets and portals to stash away a pair of headphones for your night time listening pleasure.

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