Brinno TLC200 – Time Lapse Photography Fun!


I love photography, it’s a fabulous hobby. I can usually be found behind the lens, snapping shots of the goings on at almost every event or party. I’ve always wanted to dabble in time lapse photography and capture a snow storm or the changing of the leaves in the fall, but it always seemed to be just a little to0 difficult. I also wanted to do some claymation type stop-action films with my daughter, but for maximum fun, the easier the better.

So I’m checking out the Brinno TLC200 designed to make time lapse and stop-action photography fun and simple, the Brinno still packs some flexibility to change lenses and set appropriate time intervals to catch all the time lapse action that you want, and it has an optional shutter release to turn you into a professional stop-action film maker. It’s battery life is solid, with months of life, allowing you to capture up to 300,000 pics, or an entire season of changes, an important remodeling project, or maybe even the growth of your prize-winning pumpkin.

The Brinno has a color LCD preview screen allowing you to easily set your scenes, it can be mounted on a tripod, or just set on a flat surface, it also has a wide angle lens available if you wanted one for your specific application. The Brinno TLC200 uses 4xAA batteries and it stores all your shots on an SD card (supports up to 32GB). So no messing with your existing camera, no complicated set-ups, or specialized time controllers. Simply set your time, and press go. Get the Brinno, and let the fun begin. Right around 135 bucks at

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