Doctor Who Dalek Talking Bank


There are always benefits when it comes to saving up for a rainy day, especially in this time and age where economic uncertainty is still all around, never mind what the government of the day is telling you through the mass media. After all, there is no better time than now to start saving up, and as part of your parental responsibilities, you too, might want to help your little ones pick up this habit along the way. Instead of the usual porcelain piggy bank, how about settling for something far more interactive – in the form of the $29.99 Doctor Who Dalek Talking Bank?

With the Daleks, it is always “Exterminate! Exterminate!”, but this time around, they are not hell bent on exterminating your additional money, as other corporations out there already do a darn good job in helping you spend far more than you can earn by peddling stuff that you don’t need, although it would be nice to have. Each time you drop some coins into this Doctor Who Dalek Talking Bank, it will play back some sound effects from the Doctor Who TV show. This is an officially licensed Doctor Who collectible which measures 8″ in height, and would make for an ideal gift for any Doctor Who fans.

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