Genius Arcade F-1000 Stick


I am not quite sure about you, but personally speaking, any gamer worth his or her salt who indulges in beat ‘em ups as well as shoot ‘em ups would definitely find that in-game controls by an old school joystick beats using the traditional video game controller with its D-Pad any time of the day. Remember those old school arcades that you used to patronize when you were a wee lad? Street Fighter II as well as Mortal Kombat played in the arcades had a different “feel” compared to the console ports (SNES and Sega Genesis), as you whipped out those shoryukens and fatalities with eased. Hence, it is nice to see companies like Genius continue to keep the arcade stick’s flag flying high with their latest release, the aptly named Genius Arcade F-1000 Stick.

The Genius Arcade F-1000 Stick comes across as an arcade-style controller for two platforms – PCs as well as the Sony PlayStation 3. In a nutshell, the Genius Arcade F-1000 Stick will deliver professional level arcade-control of the latest games to gamers, right smack in their living room. It boasts of an arcade-style 8-button layout, and will be accompanied by a 4-axis ball-handled joystick so that you get to enjoy a whole lot more precise control compared to what an arcade layout offers. Hopefully, this set up will be able to help your gaming go to the next level.

Other than that, there are also the Select and Start buttons, which will come with 13 buttons, including a Turbo button (old school gamers will definitely be able to remember the Turbo button, it is the lazy man’s way of keeping the “fire” button pressed rapidly simply by holding it down), where a dozen of the buttons will correspond to buttons on a standard Playstation 3 controller, carrying the exact same markings to boot, so that no confusion will arise. The $59.99 Genius Arcade F-1000 Stick would definitely make life easier for gamers to make that jump from a standard Playstation 3 controller to an arcade stick.

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