VMeter USB Midi Controller


Laptops and Ultrabooks are definitely part of the future computing landscape, as not many people like to remain tethered to their desks any more with a fat desktop computer. The thing is, laptops still pale in comparison when it comes to tasks such as music editing or composition when compared to a desktop, since attempting to perform such tasks in a public area would leave you extremely lacking in the tactile input department. Perhaps there is a portable tool out there that might be able to help you out? The correct answer would be, “Yes”, with the $59.99 VMeter USB Midi Controller.

The VMeter USB Midi Controller is an A-class compliant USB MIDI device, and it is able to play nice with just about all software by receiving data, in addition to sporting an extremely reactive touch strip for those who happen to have fast reactions. In a nutshell, you can say that the VMeter is a USB MIDI touch strip which delivers nuanced musical control and visualization for DJs as well as other aspiring laptop musicians. The blue LEDs will be able react to volume, touch or MIDI, as the versatile touch strip happens to be several controllers all rolled into one, so that you have a new method to “play” effects and tracks.

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