RinserBrush – Toothbrush and Water Fountain, in One


Toothbrushing, the necessary evil. I remember my parents riding me to brush my teeth, the horror stories they told about plaque and cavities. The graphic descriptions of the dentists drill and blackened teeth. I never did get a cavity, but to this day, I’m still scared to death of the dentist. I take a less dramatic approach with my kid, I try to make tooth brushing fun, and hope she keeps her teeth and her sanity.

Check out the nifty RinserBrush, a novel approach to the mundane brush and rinse, the RinserBrush affords you a fabulous cleansing, followed by a water fountain rinse. Forget the dirty glass, cartoon laden disposable Dixie Cup, or the head in the sink hand to mouth maneuver, the RinserBrush gives you a geyser-like stream, perfect for a robust after brush swish.

It’s handy, it’s fun and it’s certainly more earth friendly than paper cups, or disposable toothbrushes. The RinserBrush allows you to simply change out the bristles when you’ve worn the old ones out letting you enjoy your new toothbrush for years to come. The fountain is directional so you can control the stream by the way you hold the brush and you no longer have to worry about getting that filthy rinse cup to the dishwasher. Yeah, I know how long its been.

The RinserBrush is available for pre-order for only 24 bucks, with shipping expected sometime this month. Go ahead and get one at amronexperimental.com or just check out the video, the tooth fairy will thank you.

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