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As we age, our bodies do not get any better from a certain point onwards. Some of us start to “break down” earlier than the others, but regardless, no one has yet managed to find the secret to living forever, even the fictional characters like Mr. Weyland of Prometheus fame still failed to do so despite being the first trillionaire in the world. Having said that, wobbly hands and knees, pains and aches all over the place, as well as failing eyesight are all common symptoms of getting old, so if you are an avid reader of traditional reading material, you might want to consider getting the $59.95 Page Illuminating Cordless Magnifier.

The Page Illuminating Cordless Magnifier comes across as a tabletop magnifier with an added touch of class – it will illuminate an entire page without having to being tethered to a power cord. Boasting an extra large 7.5″ x 10″ lens that delivers up to 3X magnification of a full page of a magazine or book at once without having to reposition the magnifier, it works great since you would not lose your train of thought or reading pleasure along the way. A dozen bright LEDs would help reduce the amount of potential eyestrain, making this ideal as well for close work such as crocheting, writing, and coin-inspecting. A trio of AA batteries are required to power this puppy.

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alvinalene Says: June 17, 2013 at 9:58 pm

when it was released? thanks

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