iGlo LED Light Set – Year Long Holiday Lighting


Sure, I know it’s a little early to be talking about holiday lighting, of course my neighbors have their lights up already, or did they not take them down? Either way they’re six months into looking ridiculously enthusiastic, or horribly lazy… I’m leaning towards the latter, I really never liked them anyway. But they got me thinking about holiday lighting.

I’m excited to add some new tech to my Christmas display this coming holiday season with iGlo LED lights. Offering real time special effects, with the controls right on your iPhone or Kindle Fire, you connect via WIFi to a specially designed LED light strip, which you can manipulate by waving your phone in the air, or utilizing the touch screen in order to “paint” the customized light effects.

This cool light show doesn’t need to be limited to Christmas, since you can change the colors and effects at will, why not do some backlighting, or light your home for birthdays, Halloween, or the Fourth of July. Do some special lighting effects in your car…Heck, with lights like these, you wont be the scourge of the neighborhood if you leave them burning all year, you’ll just appear uber festive.

Originally designed for architectural lighting, the iGlo LED set is fully customizable, comes with hundreds of presets, can be connected to a max of 49 feet per chain, and the associated app can control multiple chains. So turn your deck into a dance floor, or a tent into a color morphing wonderland, or simply put your neighbors white twinkly lights to shame. Buy them for under 300 bucks at amazon.com, but check the video at www.igloledset.com, way before you decide that these not-just-for-Christmas lights are too expensive.

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