bēm wireless mobile speaker gets a college edition


When it comes to wireless speakers, there are dime a dozen models that are available in the market at this point in time. The thing is, as the consumer, just which particular model would you settle for? Of course, going to gadget review sites would definitely help in the long run, and there are other moments when brand loyalty plays a part, too. Well, with the bēm wireless mobile speaker, it will target those who love going back to school – or rather, college in this case, as we are talking about a college edition that allows you to proudly show off your alma mater at the next social function that you attend, or perhaps at a barbecue where you can select from one of two dozen available university colors.

The bēm wireless mobile speaker college edition comes in a form factor that is roughly the size of a tennis ball, where all you need to do is to toss it right into your backpack and you can experience an instant party regardless of where you are on the campus.

The bēm wireless mobile speaker will be able to hook up to any Bluetooth-enabled device in order to deliver crystal clear music anytime, anywhere. The presence of an on/off switch located underneath the speaker in addition to a touch sensitive volume control and play/pause button definitely makes life a whole lot easier. Pairing the bēm wireless mobile speaker to your compatible smartphone or tablet, and you can start to play your favorite tunes in a jiffy. The presence of a non-slip bottom allows it to remain stable so that it will not slide around on your desk or table.

This 2.5” cubed device also boasts a soft-touch finish that will offer a smooth and sleek appearance. Located at the back of the mobile speaker are Aux In and Out ports which pave the way for multiple connecting options, in addition to a Mini USB port so that you can juice up your phone or other devices. With a wireless range of approximately 25 feet, this puppy also sports approximately half a dozen hours of battery life before it requires a recharge. You can pick up the college edition of the bēm wireless mobile speaker for $69.99 a pop.

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