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You can feel it in the air, this half of the world is welcoming summer. Days at the beach, tubing down the river, and the associated electronics wrangling. Where do you put your phone? Leave it on the towel and watch it from the water, thinking that somehow you would actually be able to swim ashore and run up the beach to catch the opportunistic phone thief before he hits his car and speeds away, all the while calling people overseas and in California who later purport to have no idea who the thief may be, even after speaking with said-criminal for well over an hour? But I digress…

Check out this Kickstarter project that makes all the sense in the world, Stash Waterproof Pocket Shorts. While getting ready for some summer fun, the designer and his wife were wondering how to keep their phones safe, and, being inspired by a simple water bottle and it’s cap, the idea was born. Why not incorporate a waterproof pocket into a pair of stylish shorts, and follow it up with jackets and backpacks, waders and life vests? Imagine, your cell phone, keys and some cash that will actually be dry when you go to spend it, all right in your pocket, right where they’re supposed to be!

The waterproof pocket is attached to the shorts by what appears to be the cap fittings and its also sewn into and inside the material (so the case won’t be against your leg.) The cap is attached via lanyard string so it cant be lost and the diameter of the pocket opening is about 3.25″ so it will probably fit your phone. So if you wan’t one, you better get over to and spend your 70 bucks, of course you probably won’t have them till Christmas.

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Steve Says: June 6, 2013 at 4:52 am

I have had waterproof clothes for years. Place your cellphone, keys, wallet, etc. in one or more Ziploc ®

Steve Says: June 6, 2013 at 5:17 am

I have had waterproof clothes for years. Place your cellphone, keys, wallet, etc. in one or more Ziploc® bag(s) and use a zippered pocket on the clothing. Don’t have a zipper on those shorts? Go to the local fabric store and buy one for 50¢ and get out your travel sewing kit. Need more room for stuff and don’t want sand in and on it? Use a freezer bag inside a shoulder bag with drawstring. Bag(s) 10-20¢. Zipper 50¢ Sewing kit. $1.00. Savings of $68.30 to use for something else instead of a bladder bag with a string. attached – Whoo hoo!

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