Shure SE846 sound isolating earphone


As I type this, I am sitting in an Airbus A320, cattle class, typing on a Dell XPS 12 and realizing that my arms have hell to pay when I touch down in an hour’s time simply because there is just not enough space to type properly, but work still needs to get done. To make matters more uncomfortable as they already are at the moment, there are a couple of ladies in the opposite row who have not stopped yakking – and yakking loudly, too, for the past hour. Who would have thought that they have so much to talk about, in addition to letting the rest of the world know of their family issues and problems? This is where the Shure SE846 sound isolating earphone would certainly come to my aid.

The Shure SE846 sound isolating earphone sports a patent pending design that boasts of a low pass filter in order to deliver a true subwoofer experience, even when you are on the go. Thanks to the inclusion of a Quad High-Definition MicroDriver with a three-way system configuration that has been dedicated low, mid, and high frequency distribution, your ears will be able to experience deep low-end performance without having to sacrifice on other important aspects such as clarity or detail.

The Shure SE846 sound isolating earphone has been specially developed for professionals and audiophiles, where it will extend the legendary heritage and performance of Shure’s widely-adopted SE215, SE315, SE425, and SE535 Sound Isolating Earphone models. The SE846 is said to offer strong, impactful bass, allowing the midrange and high frequencies to shine individually. Not only that, the natural roll-off of the subwoofer also allows the tweeter and midrange drivers to have the amount of acoustic space necessary so that they can be heard clearly and accurately.

Each purchase of the $1,250 (yes, it is expensive) Shure SE846 sound isolating earphone will come with a two-year limited warranty, where shipping is set to commence later this June.

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