Wish Pearl – Harvest a Real Pearl, without Getting Wet!


I always held true to the old adage that tells us it’s the thought that counts, but that being said, I’ve had a lot of great thoughts… but they’re not at all better than getting some extravagant present. However, when I cant afford extravagance I like to go for something so unique or bizarre that the recipient exclaims “where did you find that!?” Hence my family has some pretty weird stuff.

My daughter must have my genes because for my birthday I got a Wish Pearl, sounds simple enough, if it werent for the fact that you make your own pearl necklace from a pearl you harvest yourself, out of a mullousk-in-a-can. Yes its true, with no guarantees as to pearl color or size, you simply make a wish, then dig your pearl from the long dead (however well preserved in alcohol) oyster ,and the can warns you not to eat the oyster or drink the liquid it comes in. Thank goodness for that, as I had my cocktail sauce at the ready.

After following the instructions I was able to retrieve my pearl from its animal home and learn what meaning its color revealed by the information on the box. Also included in the kit is a beautiful 18K white Gold tone plated Flower shape “cage” to house your pearl with an 18k white gold tone plated necklace thats about 18″ long. Simply pop in your newly harvested pearl and voila! a beautiful necklace.

So I love my little pearl necklace and I love that my daughter took the time to find something fun and interesting to get me, and its going to last a whole lot longer, and cause a lot less pain than the 5 pound box of chocolates she got me last year! There are several different kits to choose from, all for under 20 bucks at amazon.com

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