Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man 3 Shirt


Between Tony Stark and Bruce Wayne, which playboy millionaire would you prefer to be? Of course, you don’t see Batman duking it out with demigods and the like, but if Batman could still beat Superman in a punch out, what makes you think that the world’s greatest detective is not able to defeat whatever legions of hell or extra terrestrials that intend to invade earth? Thing is, Iron Man is so much cooler as he zips around the air and has so much more destructive power than Batman’s cape and cowl get up. The coolest thing about Iron Man’s suit would be the arc reactor that powers the entire shebang, and if you ever wanted to play the role of Tony Stark without his suit on, then this $29.99 Tony Stark Light-Up LED Iron Man 3 Shirt would be the ideal piece of clothing for you.

Specially modeled after the arc reactor in Iron Man 3, it might not be able to prevent shrapnel from reaching your heart, but it might help melt the heart of a geek loving girl whom you have had a crush on all the while. The thing is, you might want to remember to remove the electronics and trio of AAA batteries from the shirt before you send it for washing, otherwise it is going to short circuit, unlike the real deal that Tony Stark has. Hey, what do you expect, and just how far do you think 30 bucks is going to stretch these days?

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Sam Says: May 5, 2013 at 6:57 pm

Just buy app to make your shirts ARC REACTOR shirts!!

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